I am a travelling Vegan Chef and Yoga Teacher. I live mostly between Bali and Norway. My Food Philosophy is expanding along with my inner growth. I am seeing an important connection between both the physical and emotional bodies to be healthy through nutrition. Emotional nourishment through food plays such an important role in ones wellbeing.

Tropical Sunshine Goodness Sorbet

Tropical Sunshine Goodness Sorbet


Mango, known as The King of fruits earned it's name in ancient India where the princes used to pride themselves with showing off huge mango gardens. Pressing my teeth into the soft meat of a fully ripe mango can only be described as heavenly. It's so juicy, soft and full of flavour, it misses nothing. If you have experienced mango season in a tropical country, you know what I am talking about. In Bali we say Mango Madhu, which means Mango honey, and that's what these mangos resembles to me; the honey and jewels of mango. The best way for me to eat them is simply naturally, as the taste is so full and needs to be experienced on its own.

This mango sorbet is an exception though, a scoop of this and you won't be able to stop until its all gone. Mango accompanied with raspberries is a combination of perfection, It's super simple to make and tastes wonderful. I tried it the first time in café Alchemy in Bali, which is an amazing raw food café and juice bar.

Mango is an antioxidant and immune booster as it's rich in vitamine C. It also contains vitamine A; responsible for blood clogging, eye health and increasing glow of skin.

In the Ayurvedic tradition all parts of the tree are used because of it's varied medical purposes. It is praised as being a great remedy for anemia, relieving constipation because if its high fibre content and aphrodisiac. A ripe mango is considered having heating properties and acts as an energizer.

2 ripe mangos
a squeeze of lime
a bit of sweetener if necessary

Blend together and freeze for 1-2 hours. You can also freeze the mango beforehand and mix it the minute before to serve.

Raspberry sauce
1 cup raspberries
2 tablespoons sweetener

Blend rapberries and sweetener together and pour on top of the sorbet, just before serving.


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