I am a travelling Vegan Chef and Yoga Teacher. I live mostly between Bali and Norway. My Food Philosophy is expanding along with my inner growth. I am seeing an important connection between both the physical and emotional bodies to be healthy through nutrition. Emotional nourishment through food plays such an important role in ones wellbeing.

 Anti-Inflammatory & invigorating health-boost shot

Anti-Inflammatory & invigorating health-boost shot

Turmeric. A highly valuable medical herb. It has been used in Asia for centuries, because of it's health properties, mainly for it's anti-inflammatory qualities.

In Bali there's a medical drink called 'Jamu'  made of Turmeric. They use it as an overall health tonic and in India, within the Ayurvedic natural medicine tradition, they use it in many dishes and in Goldenmilk.

Turmeric is said to be one of the most powerful herbs to fight and prevent a numerous of diseases. Curcumin is an important antioxidant in turmeric, known to fight off innflamation in your body.

Some studies are saying that turmeric can be more adavantageous than conventional medicine. Research is showing that turmeric can benefit a wide array of ilnesses, varying from innflmation, depression, artheritis, diabetes, high colesterol and obesity, to mention a few. 


This recipe is inspired by a book I am reading called Food Pharmacy (Swedish & Norwegian language). This is a great educative book about your gut, healthy bacteria and what to eat and avoid to keep your gut healthy. As it also mentions, 80% of your immune system lies in the gut and a healthy body starts with healthy and nutritious eating.

Besides the healing effect of Turmeric, the shot contains lots of other nutritious ingredients. 


Here's my version of Turmeric Tonic:

1 orange, juiced
10 cm (4 inches) turmeric root (I like to use the double amount, but it might be too strong for you)
1 teaspoon shredded ginger
1 lime, juiced
1/3 teaspoon cocnutoil
1/3 teaspoon cinnamon
a big pinch of pepper

1) Peel the turmeric (be ready to get your fingers beautifully stained! Be careful with equipment and your kitchen bench, as turmeric immediately colours bright surfaces) and place all ingredients into a blender and mix well. 

2) Once blended, strain through a small sieve, using a spoon to squeeze out the liquid. Drink and enjoy straight away to get maximum benefit of this healing drink!

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