I am a travelling Vegan Chef and Yoga Teacher. I live mostly between Bali and Norway. My Food Philosophy is expanding along with my inner growth. I am seeing an important connection between both the physical and emotional bodies to be healthy through nutrition. Emotional nourishment through food plays such an important role in ones wellbeing.

Beetroot Carpaccio-dressed to impress..

Beetroot Carpaccio-dressed to impress..

Autumn is here in all its glory. The best part is the incredible harvest of fruits, vegetables, mushroom, berries.. And nature's colours, red, yellow, brown. The clear light. The crisp air. What an astonishing time of year!

Thought I'd celebrate the season by serving a Beetroot carpaccio at Shambala Gatherings. The yogis finished it within an eye blink. It's refreshing, zesty, a bit of Sweetness, and that taste of dill, I love it!




8 medium beetroots

2 limes

a bunch of fresh dill

1 red onion

2 tsp sugar/sweetener

2 tbsp olive oil

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp capers

2 tbs walnuts

Green leafs for decoration


1) Peel beetroots and thinly slice, or use a mandolin.

2) whisk together the juice of lime (plus the peel), dill, olive oil, sugar & salt

3) thinly slice red onion and place together with the beetroot into a oven shape or similar. Cover with vinaigrette and let marinate for minimum two hours.

4) toast walnuts and roughly chopped them

5) spread green leafs on a big serving tray, place beetroots and onion on top. Sprinkle with left over vinaigrette, walnuts, capers and dill and serve

Vegan inspirational cooking and yoga retreat

Vegan inspirational cooking and yoga retreat

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